Eltham Lodge’s Toast Master Tony Appleton announces Royal Birth!

As the nation excitedly waited for news of the Royal baby last night, Town Crier and Toast Master Tony Appleton was preparing to make one of the most important announcements of the year.

“Oyez! Oyez!”

The appearance of Royal Crier Tony Appleton on the steps of St Mary’s hospital was at once jaw-dropping and splendid. His bellow. That ensemble. The bell. And that marvelous tricorn hat with the electric-blue and pink feathers!

Tony has been in the business for 26 years, trained by the ‘Royal Toastmaster’ Ivor Spencer, and is President of the Guild of International Millennium Town Criers receiving the coveted ‘Town Crier of the Year’ awarded by the International Town Criers Authority. Tony is also the Lord of the Manor of Great Baddow in Essex, the countries largest parish.

Previously, Appleton’s biggest audience may have been the 240 million who tuned into the 2011 New Years Day Parade. He has also covered the Jubilee, Royal wedding and was a Master of Ceremonies at the Olympics last year. While Appleton has done many jobs big and small, his position is one that goes back centuries, to ancient Greek and Roman empires. The town criers served as the original public relations arm for the king, and harming them could get one charged with treason. 

The New York Daily News begged indulgence of their readers: “Please allow us this brief fascination with the ceremonial town crier who clanged a bell and in booming voice officially announced the arrival of the royal baby. … First we were beguiled by the idea that “town crier” might still be some sort of royal post, a holdover from a forgotten time before mass communication. Now we are equally excited to learn that Tony is available for all manner of commoner events. Book him while you can. We predict Tony Appleton is about to blow up.”

You can see Tony’s astounding announcement of the Prince of Cambridge’s birth here

As the named Toast Master at Eltham Lodge Tony has the experience and sensitivity to provide just the right level of attentive service. He will make your big day truly special and and bring that extra dimension to the occasion.

His considerable professional skills are backed by a career in the leisure industry followed by training under a Royal Toastmaster. For more information visit http://www.englishtoastmaster.co.uk/

If you would like to meet him in person, Tony will be in attendance at our Wedding fair  on Thursday 22nd August from 6-9pm.


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